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Sexy Sister in the Lord?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020


If we don’t lay aside every and any weight and the sin that easily traps us, then we leave ourselves in danger in viewing life through a dirty lens (Hebrews 12:1-2). For example, if I refuse to deal with the issue of lust in my heart, then everything I see will be sexy or perverted to me. Even things that were never meant to be sexual in the first place. We mustn’t shy away from that responsibility for those in Christ Jesus; as much as it depends on me, I must be responsible for what I entertain in my heart. We cannot forget that we need to depend on the Holy Spirit daily for all of these things.


We live in such a wild and wonderful world. It is both wild and wonderful. I recently got caught up on the wild side. I had been filling myself with a beauty standard that was unattainable to me. Perhaps you can relate? As wonderful as it looks, it just not you. My thoughts strayed so far, to even suggest that if I looked like this my life and if men lusted after me would life be different? Told you, #wildwildwildthoughts! And the answer is probably yes. But is this difference I really w


This was legit the conversation I had with Christ. There was a time, where I would happily do both, be deliberately sexy, or at least try to, and also be the sister in the Lord.

Whilst, I cannot control how others see me, I do have a part in what they see.

Yes, we live in a world where for women, our beauty and character are based on external features and the smaller the waist and bigger the ass, the better the woman. The stronger and hotter the guy is, the better catch he must be. But for those of us who are in Christ, we are not OF this world. The world's normal cannot be MY normal. It reminded me, I still have to guard my heart against these worldly standards, I am not above this temptation Everybody wants to be loved, but I want to be loved for non-perishing parts too. I don't want my acceptance to be based on just the external, I can't keep up the performance and neither do I want to. I don't want men to look at me, think WOW, I'd love to have sex with her! Honestly

So will I still look good? Wear make ups? Workout? Yes, yes and absolutely yes. But when that desire comes to trigger LUST in others for me, I will check it and rightfully put it in its place. Will I look sexy for him? Absolutely, and unleash it for him, when the time is right and ring secured.

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