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Hi guys and welcome to my channel

Updated: May 2, 2019

I’ve always wanted to say that and whilst this isn’t a YouTube page, this is my page and I’m really pleased you’ve stopped by.

But on a real, Hi my name is Tumi and I’m in my early thirties, (because I think it sounds better than saying nearly 31). Last year I met my goal by releasing my first book when I hit thirty. It is called, “What they don’t tell you about being single” - link to purchase here.

The book is about my journey dating in my twenties and how my faith impacted that journey. I promise you, you will laugh at me a few times.


So who am I?

My life now definitely isn’t how I pictured it. First of all, my big house, 4 children, live in chef and personal trainer are missing. And don’t even get me started on the husband!

If you’d told me in secondary school, that I’d be a bible believing Christian and Youth leader at church, I probably would have laughed. You see my teens, like most, were filled with insecurities, awkward interactions, people pleasing and a lot growing pains clothed in partying, boys and generally looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.

I would like to say my university days were wildly different but it was a lot of same things I thought I should do, to get the boy and finally feel accepted. None of them worked.

There were definitely good times, laughter, fashion faux pas, and I have some friendships that have lasted over 15 years! But throughout, I knew that God was gently tugging at me, sometimes I would be still enough to listen but most times I drowned out the calling with other distractions.

thousand-and-something, when coloured contacts were a necessity, thin eyebrows and no lip liner were lit.

"God really does deal with us in love and continue to do so even when we are His."

It wasn’t until I moved back home after university and actually got plugged in a local (ish) church, that I started to hear God’s voice more. I definitely didn’t understand a lot, but I knew that life had to be different, God was calling me to be with Him and that meant worldly parts had to go. My interaction with opposite sex, became one of the hardest challenges. I am very much a work in progress and I remember times where I was really broken and questioned His love for me. But as I said before, God really does deal with us in love.

I don’t take it for granted how blessed I am that I can talk about old pain points and use them for purpose, God really does do wonderful things with broken pieces.

Join me on this journey, as I share and reflect on my past and learn and prepare for my future.

Building community, one conversation at a time


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