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Babes, He didn’t create you to be cool.

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. But I’m back baby. What I am about to share is very raw because it literally happened to me the other day.

*cue popcorn*

Over the last few weeks I have been in promo mode pushing my newest event, “Graduated, Now What?”. In the midst of a clever Insta-story I thought of a smart way of using a song to match one of the points I was making in the post.

Even before posting it, I felt a little uncomfortable, but I posted it anyway. Little did I know that was CONVICTION speaking. Before long, I had that song in my head the whole night. Then I wondered,

What if someone else has that song in their head because of my post?”

By the early hours of the morning, I deleted it; even though 97 people had seen it. I still did it. I quickly asked for forgiveness for ignoring the prompting of His Spirit. The Lord then lovingly reminded me, that I am not meant to be cool or trendy.

This isn‘t a debate of whether the song was good or bad; but I felt a conviction and I ignored it, because I wanted to post something ‘cool’. That was the problem.

If God is to use you and me then we have remember daily, that it is an audience of ONE that we are concerned with and should only be concerned with. The moment we get more preoccupied with being trendy than be authentic with our convictions. We’ve missed the point.

So while we are SENT INTO the world, we are NOT of the world (John17). Let our salt and light really make a difference in our environments (Matthew 5). I know it is not cool but we’re sent to be holy and set apart not trendy or trending, or popular with the world.

I share my conviction to encourage you and again emphasise the importance of fellowship with other saints, because this walk isn’t easy and without spiritual understanding our life in Christ can look VERY weird to others.


Building a community one conversation a time


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